About AimUP Healthcare

Medical Billing Services, Medical Coding Services, Revenue Cycle Management, DME / HME Billing Services

AimUP Healthcare is the well experienced provider of Revenue Cycle Management process and Analytics Solutions in the healthcare industry. We have efficient workflow and business processes to meet our clients’ expectations and enhance their revenue. We understand the client process plan and ensure that clients get paid for billing services on time. We understand each patient service is important for physician/Facility, we ensure that all claims submitted to insurance in a timely manner. We are continuously keeping upgrading industry updates and educating industry changes to our staff. Also retain our clients up to date by reducing the compliance risk for our clients.

We value our business clients and have standard policies for our staff to meet their requirements and expectations. We have a compliance plan to ensure that each and every one in AimUP Healthcare to follow privacy and security policy HIPAA. Our expertise and experience ensures to deliver our services with high accuracy, productivity and high quality. Our customer delivery team is driven by quality to ensure consistency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This makes our refined experience and knowledge to defined services.

We provide Quality Assurance that rates, quality across each and every parameters within TAT. We have certified coders and billers for our billing services to provide best service in the Industry. Commitment to Technology with deep domain expertise in RCM processes. On time Billing – Giving equal importance to each and every claim minimizing operating costs by implementing strong reporting and tracking system. We have a strong compliance plan which enables all employees to follow privacy and security policies.


The mission of AimUP Healthcare is to provide leading technology solutions and best-in-class customer support to the healthcare entities. We promote the efficient and effective use of our resources in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to create overall success for our clients and future clients.


Our Vision is to be a high achiever in the field of Healthcare Management Services by increasing revenue for our clients with quality services and to strengthen our client’s performance by continuous innovation, best-in-class solutions and customer service by minimized operational flaws & improves financial control for our clients.


– President/Chief Executive Officer

RAMESH V (RAYMOND) the president and Chief Executive Officer of AimUP Healthcare, is an innovative and authoritative leader. He focuses to achieve extraordinary results in highly competitive environment that demands continuous improvement in medical billing industry.
Ramesh is responsible for all aspects of company’s business including client relationship management, business development, operations management, training & transition, quality management and Profit and Loss (P/L) management of the organization. He has 20+ years of experience, worked as Vice president, Operations and handled multiple projects with both Voice & Non Voice process including hiring & training in medical billing company where he led the growth from scratch to big team with multiple branches.

He is well versed and victorious in the following Medical billing processes like Demographics, Charges, Payments, AR follow up, Clearing house Rejections, Denials Management etc. In his career, he handled multiple Specialties like Oncology, Podiatry, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Pathology etc and received many appreciations on the following areas like Transition, Client Coordination, Process Management, Team Management, Production & Quality Management, Crisis Management, Reduction of Queries, Training, Tracking Updates, Performance evaluation of staffs.
Ramesh holds dual master degree MCA and MBA.


– Managing Director


Saranya manages the development of financial strategies and monitors control systems designed to preserve company assets. Saranya received her doctorate from Anna University on pharmaceutical biotechnology & nanotechnology. She has 7 years of experience in Research and development and published her research work in high impact factor International journals and patented her research product. She has masters in biotechnology and bachelors in microbiology and holds university rank. She manages to work with multi discipline team. She played an important role in centralizing the finance and maintains budgeting, financial statement analysis, and manages cash flow and forecasting profitability of the company.