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With decades of experience in handling multi-level specialty with wide range of healthcare clients and highly expert team of on-site as well as off-shore professionals, we boast of saying that we are your proud business partners

Medical Coding

Medical Billing

Revenue Cycle Management

Exposure In Multi Specialty & Billing Software

Sophisticated Softwares Used
Sophisticated Softwares Used
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With decades of experience handling multi healthcare specialties and professionally trained team, we will be your dedicated billing partner and custom billing solutions provider.

Compliance & Security

At AimUP Healthcare, we guarantee highest ethical standards and ultimate security. We also guarantee highest level of compliance in all our processes. We completely understand the importance of Patient Health Information (PHI) and strictly adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)


Secured 256-bit SSL encryption for all data access and transfers


A unique login ID with user-defined access parameters for each authorized employee

All areas are monitored by closed-circuit television cameras

ISP with three different providers for redundancy

Backup policies are defined as per process requirement

Regular antivirus updates are run on all systems

24/7 IT support provided by a certified IT team


An NDA (confidentiality agreement) is signed by all the employees

Biometric security controls access to office premises

All employees must carry a designated photo ID inside the premises

Access to data/PHI is given only to specifically authorized users

Floppy drives, CD drives, and USB ports are disabled on all systems on the service centre floor

Restricted access to internet, e-mails, and printers

Dedicated and Secured FTP site for files transfer

Regular HIPAA training is provided to all employees

Data storage devices are not permitted on the service centre floor

All visitors are registered at the reception and then escorted to the service centre floor

24/7 security staff on premises