Initial Visit Appointment Setup

AimUP Healthcare will setup the initial visit appointment among patient and the service provider for any home medical equipment service requirement with proper follow up

Initial Evaluation Appointment

After the initial appointment for HME/DME Service requirement, AimUP Healthcare will accurately evaluate the visit report to allocate proper proper LC codes assignment and creation of Evaluation form/Notes/Other Medical Records

Eligibility Verification & Authorization Requirement Checking

After the initial appointment for HME/DME Service requirement, AimUP Healthcare will accurately evaluate the visit report to allocate proper proper LC codes assignment and creation of Evaluation form/Notes/Other Medical Records

Doctor’s Office Follow-up

We make sure the doctor’s office is effectively followed-up for any pending detailed written order/diabetic verification form and other paperwork which is required for verification and claims submission

Authorization / Pre-Determination / Referral Initiation

AimUP Healthcare completely takes care of creation of Insurance Authorization Form followed by requesting Authorization/Pre-Determination/Referral Via Phone/Fax/Email whichever is the best possible means for faster processing

Authorization/Pre-Determination/Referral Follow-up

Our expert team will regularly follow-up with payer on Authorization/Pre-Determination/Referral status, Completion of authorization form based on the outcome of the request.

Demographics Entry / Patient Registration / Intake

The first step in a clean claim is to make certain that the demographic information has been entered into the system correctly. This process involves collecting patient demographics from clinics, hospitals and doctors. AimUP Healthcare expert team are trained well to validate and process demographic information into the billing system as well as capture all the required card details for easy billing.

Order Entry

After Demographic entry, next step in DME / HME billing is to obtain the right information from the provider and/or practice and enter this information into your database. AimUP Healthcare provides effective solutions for Patient Account Creation, Patient’s demographic entry, Prescription information entry

Electronic Claims Transmission

Patient Registration/Demographics Entry. Data capturing is the first step in the entire claims reimbursement cycle. We thoroughly review patient intake forms and our experienced billers enter them into Electronic Health Records Software or Practice Management Software

Rejections From Billing Software / Clearing House

Rejections are claims that do not meet specific data requirements or basic formatting that are rejected by insurance according to the guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These rejected medical claims can’t be processed by the insurance companies as they were never actually received and entered into their computer systems. If the payer did not receive the claims, then they can’t be processed. Both billing software and clearing house rejections will be fixed on high priority.

Payment Entry

We provide high quality, accurate and efficient payment entry services for DME / HME Billing. We post all your payments to respective patient accounts on the same day. We post, balance and reconcile all payments received within 12-24 hours. Our daily reconciliation process assures smooth month-end closing. All payments received for the month are accurately accounted and matched to actual deposits.

AR Follow Up / Denial Management

Hospitals and physician practices, often get into messy situations with old A/R. Lack of staff to follow-up, ineffective write-off policies, ineffective closures etc leading to volumes of unclaimed insurance running into millions of dollars in aged A/R AimUP Healthcare helps manages your old A/R follow-up to ensure that you effectively understand the reasons for delays in A/R and follow-up with insurance companies and patients in a timely manner.

AimUP Healthcare understands that your revenue stream needs to be steady, so we exercise due diligence in patient registration processes, minimizing the chance that claims will be denied and ensuring complete documentation for appealing denied claims. With AimUP Healthcare as your partner, you can ensure all payments are collected in a timely manner and reduce your claims denials in order to improve your organization’s cash flow


AimUP Healthcare will monitor and follow up all refunds with respect to Home Equipment and Durable Equipment billing for patients insurance as well doctor’s office/ hospital. Refund procedure are done with complete check of order entry and eligibility verification to avoid fraudulent usage.

Patient Statement

We provide high quality, accurate and efficient patient billing statements solution for providers who want to expedite patient payment collections. We deliver clear and concise statements to patients quickly and efficiently, thereby helping you receive payments faster and lower your third-party collection costs and decrease your risk of bad debt