Medical Service


Pulmonary medicine deals with diseases like: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cystic Fibrosi, Interstitial Lung Disease, Lung Cancer etc.




94010 Breathing capacity test
94011 Spirometry up to 2 yrs old
94012 Spirmtry w/brnchdil inf-2 yr
94013 Meas lung vol thru 2 yrs
94060 Evaluation of wheezing
94070 Evaluation of wheezing
94150 Vital capacity test
94200 Lung function test (mbc/mvv)
94375 Respiratory flow volume loop
94450 Hypoxia response curve
94617 Exercise tst brncspsm w/ecg
94618 Pulmonary stress testing
94619 Exercise tst brncspsm wo ecg
94621 Cardiopulm exercise testing
94640 Airway inhalation treatment
94664 Evaluate pt use of inhaler
94680 Exhaled air analysis o2
94681 Exhaled air analysis o2/co2
94690 Exhaled air analysis
94726 Pulm funct tst plethysmograp
94727 Pulm function test by gas
94728 Airwy resist by oscillometry
94729 Co/membrane diffuse capacity


Starting Jan. 1, 2022, physicians should start using the new CPT Codes 94625 and 94626 to report pulmonary rehabilitation services

As of 1/1/2022, there are two new billing codes for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (G0424 is retired as of 12/31/21)

◦ 94625 – Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation without continuous oximetry monitoring (per session)

◦ 94626 – Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation with continuous oximetry monitoring (per session)

◦ Both codes represent a 60-minute session

◦ One session is when the patient is in the facility 31 minutes or greater (NOT exercise duration)

◦ Two sessions is when the patient is in the facility 91 minutes or greater (first session must equal 60 minutes, second session 31 minutes)

◦ Exercise DOES need to happen in each session

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